Thousands of people have lost their lives. Many people are still living in the streets and many more are in temporary shelters, (tents). Many went back to their towns. In Les Abricots, we received thousands, many of them children. Please help us help them.  Friends of Paradis des Indiens, Inc. is a volunteer organization. 100% of your donations will be used to help the children of the earthquake victims who came to our schools.

Donate Now

We thank our donors who have helped us achieve some of our goals.

  • Each of our 11 satellite mountain schools will have clean water with a well or cistern that are being built.  Water purifiers were purchased for each school.
  • Additional classrooms were added in some schools to accommodate new students. Other schools underwent major repairs and received additional furniture such as desks and benches.
  • Several of our school gardens now have a well.
  • Donated tools were distributed in all the schools.
  • Contributed toward the salaries of teachers, librarian, nurse, manual skill teachers, cooks, the maintenance personnel, and 2 security guards.
  • Shipped hundreds of boxes of uniforms, school supplies, seeds, medications, shoes and clothing for the children.
  • Funded scholarships to pay for the High School studies of the best students.
  • Continued the food distribution program to 500 elderly villagers.

helping Haiti one student at a time