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"A Time in Paradise"

By Patrick de Verteuil

A Time in Paradise

A collection of 20 short stories
(in English and French).
$25 per copy

(free shipping in the continental U.S.)
All proceeds fund a school project!

An atypical view for an atypical life journey. This collection of short stories provides a loving and joyful view into life in Abricots, Haiti. Sure to bring smiles to your face, join Patrick on his journey at Mica’s side in support of her pursuit to bring education and hope to a population that might not otherwise have had access or opportunity.   

"As I reread his stories almost 13 years later, I am struck again by his keen powers of observation, his humor, and the ironic, detached affection he held for the Abricotians . . .While my father would always teasingly blame my mother's works for disturbing his peaceful "retirement", my mother always insists that none of what she achieved would be remotely possible without him." - Michäel de Verteuil

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