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Last October, Hurricane Matthew blasted through southern Haiti demolishing homes, trees, livestock and agriculture. The hurricane took from a remarkably poor population their few treasured possessions. Although many have come to their aid - food, water, plastic tarps, corrugated steel and seeds - there is still so much to do to to repair the destruction brought to the area by Hurricane Matthew.

Paradis des Indiens has been working tirelessly to distribute food and tarps to the entire population of the county of Abricots. 

  • Distribution of alimentary kits to the population in the village and the mountains (ongoing).
  • 4,600 hot meals distributed to 5 different sites from Oct. 17th through Nov. 5th.
  • Distribution of Aquatab tablets treating 100,000 gallons of water and water filters for the schools.
  • Distribution of tarps and tents (ongoing).
  • Opening of the infirmary. A doctor financed by Chaîne de l’Espoir saw the most urgent cases. (Beginning February, a doctor will be at the infirmary on a full-time basis through May).
  • Survey of the entire region financed by Friends of Paradis des Indiens, Inc. conducted by “Association des Jeunes Volontaires pour le Progres des Abricots” (AJKVPA), under the supervision of Fondation Paradis des Indiens to assess damage to trees, agricultural gardens, houses, schools, public buildings and loss of life of people, livestock and animals
  • Distribution of seeds to restore the gardens of the people (ongoing).
  • Establishment of community gardens.
  • Reopening of all the schools of Fondation Paradis des Indiens on November 7th. under a tarps. Attendance is high.
  • Students and staff of Paradis des Indiens receive at least one meal per day.
  • Distribution of toys sent by Friends and Toys for Kids.
  • Reopening of the embroidery shop.
  • Estimates for rehabilitation/reconstruction of the schools underway. Reconstruction will start as soon as possible.