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Mireille Lebrun Jeannopoulos - Vice President and Treasurer

In 1975, right after Mica opened her first school, Mireille, her husband, and their five year old son traveled to Abricots. They were welcomed as the first "American" family visit the village. Upon seeing Mica’s first school - 4 sticks with a thatched roof - and meeting a few of those first students, she was hooked! Impressed by Mica’s dedication and the clear need for education in the village and surrounding area, she entered into a lifetime of working for the goodwill of all people. She has worked for the Institute of International Education, UNICEF, the United Nations in Cambodia and has volunteered her time to several foundations, “Forgotten Children of Haiti” and “Children of Bel Air.” In 2010, immediately following the earthquake that devastated Haiti, she joined as a Red Cross Volunteer working aboard the hospital ship USS Comfort, as a translator. Mireille is one of the founding members of Friends of Paradis des Indiens.

Mireille Lebrun Jeannopoulos left Haiti in 1966 to study in the United States, but her heart never left Haiti. In 1971 she made her first trip back to Haiti and has returned at least once each year. After her first visit to Abricots in 1975, Mireille tirelessly encouraged family and friends to help with Mica’s efforts in Abricots. Annually, she raised funds, shipped clothes and school supplies for Mica's "kids." She watched and cheered as the number of schools grew and the number of students multiplied. She even involved her husband and young sons, an experience they have never forgotten. Today, the need is greater than ever. And Mireille shows no sign of slowing down her efforts to keep the schools progressing!