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Messages from Mica


On November 7th,  the main village school reopened to extremely low attendance. Happily, more students arrived each day as news that classes had resumed spread throughout the village. We expect full attendance by the end of this week. 

We experience daily rain, always early in the morning and then again several times a day. Thankfully, we have received 2900 plastic covers for use as makeshift roofs from Samaritan's Purse.  These tarps are being distributed throughout Abricots. The mountain schools will reopen as soon as they have received and installed the covers. 

I am weary and hopeful. There is so much to do but seeing the first school reopened has lightened my worries. We are so grateful for the thoughtfulness and generosity of all those who have come to our aid.


I am well, but I have so much work to do that I am having trouble focusing.  All my schools have lost their roofs with sections of walls shattered. Nevertheless, on November 7th, we will to try to reopen the schools under plastic tarps. My garden looks like a tree cemetery. I, who wanted so much to be known as the Lady Who Planted Trees -  just like the man in the Jean Giono parable.

My five digital learning boards are broken and some solar panels still sit perched atop their posts. A real disaster!

Sister Margot, without warning, sent us a large truck loaded with all kinds of good things that we quickly distributed.  My computer, acting ill, is giving me quite a bit of trouble. No internet until last night and when it arrived it came at the slowest possible speed as if wanting to go away again.  It prefers to work during the night or very early in the morning just as it is doing now. I am well surrounded by two incredible volunteers, tireless and fantastic, David Millet and Sarah Kingue. Big kisses to all.   See Mica's original message in French