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Meet The Board

Chantal Bazelais - President

For Chantal, the choice lead Friends of Paradis des Indiens was an easy one. Chantal believes the people of Haiti deserve two fundamental rights that they have for so long been denied - Justice and Respect. In her position as President of FPDI, she hopes to play a role in helping the people of Haiti claim these rights. Chantal has two goals as president - that the schools of Paradis des Indiens serve as a national model for those so desperately needed throughout Haiti and that every person in Abricots be provided with the opportunity to be employed. With Chantal as the driving force of activity of Friends of PDI in the USA, they tirelessly strive to bring Mica’s message to American contributors and sponsors. Chantal wants every person that comes in contact with this organization to know that the board is keenly dedicated to this cause and focused on being zealously transparent about how every penny is managed. Read More . . .

Guy Baron - Advisor

For Guy, joining the Board of FPDI is just another opportunity to have a small part in helping Haiti. Despite his many years of separation from his place of birth, Guy has always been involved in activities concerning Haiti and Haitians. He is a founding member of HAUP (Haitian American United for Progress) a Haitian Community center in Queens, NY and has served on the board of Friends of Montfort, an organization that supports a school for deaf-mute children in Haiti. Read More . . .

Katia Abinader - Co-Treasurer

Katia, currently resides in Belgium, and is vital to FPDI’s progress in Europe. She currently works as an International Civil Servant at NATO HQ, in Brussels. She has worked as a specialist in the office of the Defense Attaché at the US Embassy in Paris, France, US Embassy in Brussels, Belgium and as a Red Cross volunteer at the US Military hospital in Vicenza, Italy. Her vast international experience and reach provide access to an incredible bounty of funding opportunities to support the work of Paradis des Indiens. She has been involved with Fondation Paradis des Indiens for the last 20 years.

Diane Domond - Secretary

Unlike most of our Board members, Diane’s story does not begin in Haiti. In fact, she is a Norwegian- American. 25 years ago, she met and married Haitian born Leslie Domond. She was immediately welcomed into the family and Leslie’s sisters took on the responsibility of making Diane a good Haitian wife! Instantly, she wholly embraced the rich culture of Haiti. She dedicates her time to the foundation because she believes that education is the one way to offer true hope in a world so deeply influenced by radicals who preach false hope. Diane brings some heavy experience to bear in her role as a board member. She brings to the group 30 years’ experience in Merchandising and Sales, first in the garment industry and then in the luxury home decorative accessories business. Today, Diane lives in Florida, runs a decorative bedding catalogue business and has a passion for cooking Haitian food.

Mireille Lebrun Jeannopoulos - Advisor

In 1975, right after Mica opened her first school, Mireille, her husband, and their five year old son traveled to Abricots. They were welcomed as the first "American" family visit the village. Upon seeing Mica’s first school - 4 sticks with a thatched roof - and meeting a few of those first students, she was hooked! Impressed by Mica’s dedication and the clear need for education in the village and surrounding area, she entered into a lifetime of working for the goodwill of all people. She has worked for the Institute of International Education, UNICEF, the United Nations in Cambodia and has volunteered her time to several foundations, “Forgotten Children of Haiti” and “Children of Bel Air.” In 2010, immediately following the earthquake that devastated Haiti, she joined as a Red Cross Volunteer working aboard the hospital ship USS Comfort, as a translator. Mireille is one of the founding members of Friends of Paradis des Indiens. Read more...

Joelle Coriat - Advisor

Joelle, a native of Haiti, was a founding Board member of FPDI. Joelle has a natural affection for her country and feels a strong sense of devotion towards her countrymen. She is passionate about ensuring the education of the children of Abricots. She knows that children who begin high school well prepared are FOUR TIMES as likely to graduate and go on to college. She and her family are grateful to have the opportunity to share their lives with the people of Abricots. They call the experience “life changing”. Read More . . .

Jocelyn Telson - Advisor

Jocelyne, a native of Haiti, has devoted her life to public service. After receiving both a Law degree and a Masters in Social Work, she spent over 35 years working in various NY city and state agencies - Foster Care and Adoption Services and the Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. Through it all, Jocelyne never lost her strong attachment to her country Haiti. Upon moving to Florida in January 2010 to reunite with her son Donald, Jocelyne learned about FPDI and the wonderful work being done by the founder Mica de Verteuil. She enthusiastically became a Board member. She endeavors to continue to help children in Haiti who are striving for an education and ultimately to learn a trade. She believes that the success of the Paradis des Indiens schools is a strong testimony of the dedication of all involved.

Robert Sansaricq - Advisor

Robert was born in Les Cayes, Haiti. As was the custom at the time, after completing high school, Robert left Haiti to pursue higher education in the US. In 1955, he graduated from Bryant College in Providence, RI with a degree in Business Administration. Following a brief return to Haiti after graduation, Robert returned to the US to Robert work for Chase Bank. He was with them for over 25 years in New York and Houston. In 1986, upon the fall of Jean Claude Duvalier (Baby Doc), Robert returned to visit his place of birth. During his visit, he spent a few days with Mica in Abricots and saw first-hand her great devotion to the well-being of the children of Abricots. Robert joined the board in 2009.