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Joelle Coriat - Secretary

Joelle, a native of Haiti, is a founding Board member of FPDI and acts as Board Secretary. Joelle has a natural affection for her country and feels a strong sense of devotion towards her countrymen. She is passionate about ensuring the education of the children of Abricots. She knows that children who begin high school well prepared are FOUR TIMES as likely to graduate and go on to college. She and her family are grateful to have the opportunity to share their lives with the people of Abricots. They call the experience life changing.

Joelle completed high school in Haiti at the Union School and went on to Puerto Rico’s Universidad del Sagrado Corazon to acquire her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Admin with a license in Education. After graduating from college, she returned her high school alma mater in Haiti to teach Spanish and French.

Joelle left Haiti, for the USA, 32 years ago. In the USA, she raised her family and pursued her career, occupying multiple managerial positions and ultimately owning and operating several retail shops in Miami.

Joelle and her entire family, including her husband Richard and two children Paola and Marc are enthusiastically involved in the foundation. She is particularly proud of her children who have fully embraced their roles as sponsors. They have led multiple fundraising drives and have organized student groups to visit Abricots to distribute goods and to act as instructors in the schools, teaching computer science and English classes.